• Craig Munro

Keeping Bazil up to scratch.

A lot of people don't realise how much is involved in transporting people especially to there wedding what goes on behind the scenes to keep a Classic Volkswagen on the road.

Well there is a lot thats for sure. First keeping Bazil looking outstanding which at times with rough roads and dirt / stones can be a mission, but we do it.

We expect our kombi to be in First class condition when we rock up at your gate. Sparking and shinny for your occasion. You won't find a dirty window smeared, which believe it or not i have seen in the not so recent times.

Also we like to have our wedding ribbons pristine you won't find anything taty here.

Bazil undergoes stringent safety cheeks to the highest of standard in the form of a CoF like a warrant but a lot more involved. Before the CoF process Bazil is serviced and cheeked over by our mechanic who is a VW specialist, he also assembled the running gear (Motor gear box ect) for Bazil.

So when you are thinking about hiring any form of transport i would recommend that you cheek it is actually safe to do the job and it is legal to transport people.

Be weary if its left hand drive as they are not legal to transport people in New Zealand.

Not a lot of people know this but you can be fined up to $10,000 doing so.

We always recommend people come and view Bazil to make sure he's going to work for them, also its a great way to talk with the customer and get to know them, as it can be a bit strange a person you have never meet picking you up.

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